Occupational & Physical Therapy Services



We begin our first session together by listening to you and giving your child an individual evaluation. We determine your child's goals with Occupational Therapy and/or Physical Therapy.    At this time, our providers develop a plan of care to help your child reach desired goals. Over time, outcomes of treatment are evaluated to adjust goals accordingly as your child's needs change.

Your child can expect to experience therapy techniques including movement, sound therapy, group activities, community outings, and other sensory inputs to make a positive impact now as they grow into adulthood. Our therapists have a variety of tools such as swings, quiet spaces, exercise equipment, a climbing wall, computer interactive activities, kitchen for building food and eating skills, Interactive Metronome, Therapeutic Listening, group sports, weighted blankets, social skills and manual therapies.  Lifeskills LLC - OT for Spirited Kids provides independent living skills; which may include meal prep, how to use an alarm clock, instilling daily routines and rhythms, supporting your family in chore chart usage, practice with bicycle safety or bus system usage for older children, personal self care techniques such as teeth brushing, hair brushing, nail care, and toileting skills.

What  to Expect for Adults

We offer adult services for adult neuro-rehab, sensory adults and independent  life skills challenges.


A few of the many benefits of OT include improved fine and gross motor skills, perceptual skills, body awareness, daily self care skills, coping and communication skills. Common goals are self regulation, appropriate self expression, and healthy interaction with others. Common conditions treated by Occupational Therapy are Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Chromosomal Deletions, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Stroke, Generalized Weakness as well as other behavioral diagnoses, to include learning disorders, and other physical ability disorders.


Insurance Billing

Most insurances have OT & PT as a billable service, such as United Healthcare, Alaska Medicaid,  Aetna, Premera Blue Cross,  EMB; as well as others.