scheduling / what to expect

Depending on your flexibility with work, transportation, school, home school etc we will be able to get you in for an appointment to determine your needs.  If intervention is warranted we will try to set up a regular and predictable weekly schedule so that coordination of services can be done.  We have seen some or our kiddos for over 10 years.  We will modifying the plan of care as the life challenges change.  We are in it for the long haul if needed.



Contact our office at 907-205-4366 to schedule an appointment.

If you already have a referral please fax it to  1-877-409-9161

HOW TO cancel

Contact our cancellation phone line at 907-205-4366 and leave a message stating the following

"Johnny will be a cancel this week, or cancel today"

Please plan ahead if you know your kiddo will not be able to make it today, this week or next month just let us know. This helps us accommodate other kids that may be on an on call basis. Clearly in the event that you wake up and you or your kiddo is sick- just let us know that AM- As soon as you can. We appreciate you and we hope this streamlines communication.



When you come to your first appointment please bring insurance information and  any IEP, neuro-psych reports, PT, OT and Speech reports,  prescribing MD or ANP name and contact.  


We look forward to meeting you.